Advice for a First Time Traveler

1. Make a list: 
Lists are so important! Without a list, I’m always paranoid that I’m forgetting something. Worst part is that one thing or another is always left behind without a list. Don’t you hate that sinking feeling you get when you realize you’ve forgotten the earplugs at home? So make a list. Put your passport and ticket go on the top. Then computer, gadgets, chargers, documents, medication, clothes, shoes, accessories etc. A list saves so much time!

2. Choose clothes Carefully: 
Everyone always wants to look their best when traveling but sadly there isn’t enough space for all the stylish clothes you have. Our advice is to choose clothes which are thin and weigh less. Most importantly, pick the ones which can be used for multiple occasion and dress codes. Once you’ve decided, cube your clothes or make sushi rolls because that saves a lot of space.

3. Shoes: 
Deciding which shoes to take is especially harder for women. But the truth is that you can’t take a pair of shoe for every set of clothing you packed. I wear my most comfortable pair and keep a pair of flats and heels in my luggage.

4. Fill dead space: 
I have small feet and I mostly wear flats. Each pair of my shoes goes in a shopping bag and I thrust it wherever there is space. You can do the same with socks and undergarments as well.

5. Wear heavy clothes: 
Wear your heavy clothes to reduce weight of your luggage. Wear a heavy jacket which you can then take off and put in an overhead cabin once you’ve boarded the flight.

6. Stock ziplock bags: 
Ziplock bags are a life-saver! You can put each gadget or tablet in them so they don’t rub against each other. This hack ensures scratch free gadgets at the end of your journey. When it comes to makeup, a ziplock bag is must! You don’t want your liquid foundation splashed all over the white sweater. God forbid the glittery eyeshadow smashes!

7. Chargers: 
Wrapping the cord around the charger is useless. What works best is a stretch hair band! Rubber bands are good too but they tend to break so I always use one of my stretch hair bands. I wrap it around each charger and then put them all in a ziplock bag.

8. Gather everything: 
Gather it all and dump it on the bed. Before your start packing, check everything against the list you made. This will ensure that you won’t be running around looking for things once you have started packing.

9. Label your bag: 
I put a strip of duct tape all around my bags and doodle over it with a permanent marker. It’s fun and makes me luggage really easy to find.

10. Weigh your luggage: 
Don’t rely on your judgment. Use a scale so you know for sure how much your luggage weighs. That’s one less tension off your head. Also, use lightweight bags. The heavier your bag is, the lesser things will go in it.

By Abuzar Mir  |   Submitted On October 27, 2018

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